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Wherever You Go - Trailer
צפייה בסרטון


40 Min

Year of Production: 2011

Hebrew and Arabic with English Subtitles

Written and directed by Rony Sasson Angel

Supported by the Makor Foundation for Israeli Films


Cinematographer: Ran Aviad  

Editor: Gideon Letzman, Vered Yeruham  

Line Producer: Hillel Roseman 

Art Director: Nitza Rosentals Lavi


Hilla Vidor

Maisa Abed Elhadi

Shahir Cabha


Years after cutting herself off from her Orthodox family, Zohara (30) decides to show up at her younger sister’s wedding. On her way, she meets Neriman (20), a young Bedouin woman, who is escaping an arranged marriage to her cousin. Zohara finds herself becoming an unintentional accomplice in Neriman’s escape.

The crossing of these women's paths creates a powerful encounter between two worlds, reflecting each woman’s struggle with identity and the expression of self in a “predetermined world”.

Director's Biography

Rony Sasson Angel was born in 1979. She graduated from the film and television department in Tel Aviv University at 2005. Her graduation film, "Swannettes",participated in numerous festivals around the world and won many prizes including the DAAD prize in Berlin Film Festival 2006.


In 2005 she directed and edited a short documentary - "Sergei" - which was shown on Israeli television.


Sasson-Angel also produced a number of films, and edited the documentary "Through the Eastern Gate" which participated in many festivals.


Today, Sasson-Angel is producing a documentary series and working on her next film.


Festival Screenings/Awards

Haifa international Film Festival 2011, Winner: First Prize in the Drama competition.

Karlovy Vary International Film Festival 2012

International Women Film Festival, Israel 2012, Winner: First Prize in the Short Film competition

Other Israel Film Festival, New York 2012

San Diego Jewish Film Festival, 2013

Austin Jewish Film Festival, 2013

Augusta Jewish Film Festival, 2013

Seret, London Israeli Film and Television Film Festival, 2013

Toronto Jewish Film Festival, 2013

San Francisco Jewish Film Festival, 2013

Citizen Jane Film Festival, 2013

Boston Jewish Film Festival, 2013

Vancouver Jewish Film Festival, 2013

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