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Out of Place Trailer
צפייה בסרטון

OUT OF PLACE is a unique social film project for filmmakers in Israel and Germany. OUT OF PLACE was initiated by the Gesher Multicultural Film Fund, in partnership with Green Productions , the German production company One Two films and ANU – a digital community promoting Social- campaigns. The project is funded by the European union.


The vision of OUT OF PLACE is creating a new generation of "change agents" who take active responsibility in promoting social issues, representation of minorities, maintaining democracy, identifying disadvantaged groups and the creation of a cultural dialogue around these issues.


We have selected 20 incredibly talented filmmakers from Germany and Israel that have embarked on a transformative and inspiring journey to unleash their creativity, break down stereotypes, challenge ideas and deeply immerse themselves in their “out of place” stories and the people and communities behind them. Ten short documentary films have been produced and combined into one feature length film. The film's premiere takes place at the DocAviv film festival 2017 and will be  screened around the world in various film festivals. The short films will be presented in a digital platform which will allow audiences to experience different angles on the subject of OUT OF PLACE. We hope that these films will be used as inspiring and transformative tools to encourage dialogue, inclusion, tolerance and change.


For more information visit out website- OUT OF PLACE. 

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