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Orange People - Trailer
צפייה בסרטון


93 mins

Year of production: 2013

Hebrew and Moroccan Arabic with English subtitles

Written and Directed by Hanna Azoulay Hasfari


Writer and Director: Hanna Azoulay Hasfari

Producers: Gal Greenspan and Roi Kurland

Director of Photography: Asaf Sudri

Editor: Netta Dvorkis

Production designer : Yaakov Turgeman

Music: Guy Ben Shitrit and Omer Hershman


Hanna Azoulay Hasfari

Esty Yerushalmy

Rita Shukron

Yoram Toledano 

Meytal Gal Suissa


For many years, Grandma Zohara has occupied a special role within the Moroccan community in Israel. By cradling an object brought to her by her clients, Grandma Zohara gains access to the family’s past through her dreams. The observations she makes on these dreaming journeys, allow her to advise families on future decisions.


Lately, however, Grandma Zohara has become worn out. In her search for someone to take over this role, she discovers that the only other person endowed with the power of dreaming is her daughter, Simone. However, Simone has different ideas about her future and resists her mother’s demands that she take up this role. With the support of Simone’s sister, Fanny, who arrives unexpectedly from Paris, Simone gathers the strength to pursue her own desire and together, they wage a battle for Simone's independence and creativity.

Director's Biography

Hanna Azoulay Hasfari is an actress, playwright, script writer, social activist & artist.

For the past 25 years  she has worked on stage as a leading actress in plays, TV & Film.


Azoulay Hsfari has been twice awarded Best Leading Actress by the Israeli Film Academy. She also won Best Actress Award at the Jerusalem Festival, 2008, and the Critics Award for Best Actress at the Jerusalem Festival, 2009.


Azoulay- Hasfari wrote the script and acted in the film Sh'chur – a highly acclaimed feature film which participated in numerous festivals around the world and won prizes such as Best Film Award by the Israeli Film Academy, and the Special Mention Award at the Berlin Film Festival. It also won First Prize  at the San Sebastian Film Festival and Best Script Award at the Troja Film Festival.


Azoulay Hasfari has written  plays including  Betulot Shiduch, Slihot and Mimuna. Slihot was performed in Nottara Theater in Bucharest, Romania in February 2012. She has also developed two documentary series: The Workers – about the story of female factory workers, and My Little Empire - about female empowerment entrepreneurship.


Azoulay- Hasfari is amongst the founders of "The Democratic Sephardic Rainbow Coalition" in Israel, a political activism national movement focused on improving Sephardic rights.


Haifa International Film Festival, 2013

International Women's Film Festival, Rehovot, winner of the Jury Award, 2013

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