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The Electrifiers

The Electrifiers Trailer_en
צפייה בסרטון


90 mins

Year of Production: 2019

Hebrew with English subtitles


Director: Boaz Armoni

Script: Sarel Piterman, Zvika Nathan, Shir Reuven

Production Companies: OSN Films, Green Productions

Producers: Zvika Nathan, Gal Greenspan, Roi Kurland

Associate Producers: Maya Fischer, Adi Bar Yossef

Dop: Itzik Portal

Editor: Amit Ginton


Zvika Nathan

Sharon Alexander

Uri Hochman

Yigal Adika

Tamara Klingon

Tal Fridman

Eli Yazpan 

Elisha Banai 

Ella Armoni


The band “The Electrifiers” won the 1984 Best New Artist Award for their smash hit which no one remembers and has been stuck in traffic on the fast track to international stardom ever since. 30 years later, the band members, continue to drag themselves between gigs at nursing houses and cheap B&B'S. The lead singer, Mickey Tevel, a once charismatic showman, is still leading the life of a 20-year-old rocker: dreaming of making it big while living hand to mouth out of the band's van, conveniently parked in his ex-wife's garage. Mickey won’t stop messing up and letting all his band members down, as well as his teenage daughter, but just as everyone is about to become completely fed up with him, a surprising, once-in-a- lifetime opportunity presents itself, which could deliver the band’s long awaited comeback, and propel them straight to the top.


Festival du Cinéma Israélien de Paris 

Miami Jewish Film Festval

Boston Israeli Film Festival

Israel Film Center Festival New York

Milwaukee Jewish Film Festival

Jüdisches Filmfestival Berlin & Potsdam

JCP Memphis

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