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Saving Shuli

Saving Shuli - Hebrew Trailer
צפייה בסרטון

(Saving Shuli)

 90 mins

Year of Production: 2021

Hebrew and Spanish with English subtitles


Written by: Uri Katz

Directed by: Ben Bachar

Produced by: Gal Greenspan, Roi Kurland, Maya Fischer, Moshe Edery, Leon Edery

Co-Producers:  Vandalo – Diego conejero, Juan Pablo Lasserre, Julieta Biassotti

Director of Photography: Lael Utnik

Editor: Ilana Reina, Niv Nahum

Casting Director: Galit Eshkol, Jaime Correa, Hedras Antonio Urrego

Production designer:  Maria Camila Agudelo

Assistant Directors: Renata Biagiola, Esteban Jasper

Line Producers: Shirley Salzman, Keren Newman, Jose Maria Landi


Zion Baruch

Asi Israelof

 Shalom Michaelshvili

Uri Katz

Liron Weissman

David Shaul

Avia Malka

Carolina Rodriguez Naranjo

Pedro Andres Calvo Gomez


In this modern take on the Israeli Burekas film genre, Shuli, a young Israeli, gets abducted during his post-military trip to Columbia. His father, Avihu, decides to fly to South America and try searching for his son's kidnappers. For the mission he recruits his best friend Nati and his brother-in-law Betzalel. After encountering the snatchers in Columbia, they move the kid to the Medellín Drug Cartel. There, he agreed to train the Cartel members given the fact he was a soldier in the IDF. With the help of Coral, from the Israeli ministry of foreign affairs, and Andrea, a young local girl, the group locates Shuli in the heart of the jungles of Tairona. Not before they’ll find their way through an ayahuasca ceremony, hallucinogenic frogs, getting lost in the jungles, fighting in bulls

fights and facing many more shenanigans along the way

Director's Biography

Ben Bachar is one of Israel’s leading commercial and television directors, with a wide range of experience from large formats to smaller, more intimate productions. He began his career as an editor and screenwriter and quickly transitioned to directing promos and advertisements before moving into narrative storytelling. Ben has directed a handful of the most popular and memorable sketches Throughout six seasons of “A Wonderful Country". He has also created and directed the hit series “Zanzouri” for the YES network starring Yuval Semo, as well as various episodes of “The Israelis”, “The People of Segula” and “Hall Of Culture.” In recent years, Ben has collaborated with Keshet and Reshet to direct some of the most prominent and award-winning promos made in Israel today.

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