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צפייה בסרטון


90 mins

Year of Production: 2019

Hebrew and portuguese with English subtitles


Director:  Jorge Gurvich

Written by : Hagi Lifshitz, Jorge Gurvich

Produced by: Green Productions, TV ZERO & Republica Pureza, Ostlicht Filmproduktion, United King Films

Producers: Gal Greenspan, Roi Kurland, Rodrigo Letier, Roberto Berliner, Marcelo Ludwig Maia,  Moshe Edery, Leon Edery

Cinematography: Rodrigo Graciosa

Editing: Yosef Grunfeld

Line Producers : Avner Peled, Leo Ribeiro, Barak Kessler


Asaf Goldstein

António Petrin

Rom Barnea


Roberto (40), divorced with a failing business, his son Itay (11), a spoiled child that snubs his father and despises soccer, and the grandfather Samuel (76),  an enthusiastic soccer fan that recently found out he doesn't have much time to live, depart spontaneously to the World Cup Games in Brazil- their former homeland. Their unplanned trip turns into a emotional journey that changes all of them forever.

Director's Biography

Jorge Gurvich was born in Argentina and immigrated to Israel in 1978. He studied Cinema & Television at Tel Aviv University from 1979 to 1983 and very quickly became one of the leading cinematographers in Israel, shooting more than 80 films (including features, shorts, and documentaries). In the late nineties, he directed several short films and TV dramas that won international awards, among them The Shower, Pesia's Necklace, and Moments of Grace.

In 1998, he received the Ministry of Education's Special Prize for directors and screenwriters. His latest full-length feature film Mrs. Moskowitz and the Cats (2009) was screened at festivals around the world and won the prize for "Best Actress" at the Jerusalem Film Festival. For the past two decades, he has taught at the most prestigious film schools, sharing his expertise with the new generation of Israeli filmmakers.


World Premiere-  Pittsburgh JFilm Fest 2019

JPL Israeli Film Festival (Montreal)

Toronto International Jewish Film Festival

Washington Jewish Film Festival

NCJF Jewish Film Festival

LA Jewish Film Festival

Raindance Film Festival

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