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Our Story

Our Story - English Trailer
צפייה בסרטון

Our Story

100 mins
Year of Production: 2022
Hebrew with Hebrew and English subtitles
Created by Lee Biran, Eliana Tidhar and Eran Biran

Supported by:United King Films, Keshet 12 TV, Rabinovich Foundation, Israeli Film Council, IsraeliMinistry of Culture, Mifal HaPais, Yes Israeli Cinema


Written by: Roni Yador
Additional writing: Assaf Shalita
Directed by: Yaron Arazi
Produced by: Gal Greenspan, Roi Kurland, Maya Fischer, Moshe Edery, Leon Edery
Associate Producer: Roni Shamiss
Executive producer: Sharon Tobias Sberlo
Director of Photography: Misha Kaminsky
Editor: Ilana Reina
Original Songs: Lee Biran
Song Producer: Yinon Yahel
Original Score: Tal Yardeni
Sound Design and Mix: Avi Mizrahi
Online Editor: Yoav Raz
Casting Director: Moran Martziano
Art Director:  Ehud Gutterman
Costume Designer: Yam Brosilovsky
Make Up Artist: Maya Shamai
Line Producer: Thomas Alfandri
Post Producers: Ayelet Michali Walach, Itai Jamshy


Lee Biran
Eliana Tidhar
Eden Meiri
Adi Havshush
Kim Or Azulay
Orel Tzabari
Osnat Fishman


"Our Story" is a musical rom-com starring Lee Biran and Eliana Tidhar. He's an ambitious and uninhibited musicians' agent, she's an insecure singer-songwriter who writes exclusively to her drawer. To discover who they really are, they'll need to first find each other, get over their differences and let their love for music do the rest. 

"Our Story" tells the story of young adults who find, together and alone, the courage to shake off what other people think they should be in order to connect back with their dreams and passions. For the first time, they'll let only them define themselves.

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